George Tung - CoFounder of Cryptos R Us Insider

  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency evangelist, enthusiast and investor
  • Founder of CryptosRus.com, a leading Cryptocurrency destination.
  • Produces daily videos and runs CryptosRUs’ YouTube channel with over 40k subscribers
  • Top contributor within several Cryptocurrency categories on Quora with over 3 million views.
  • Reporter for IBTimes.com. New article published every Friday.
  • 15 years of IT Infrastructure background

Fun Fact: George previously built an entire mining farm inside his basement consisting over 100 GPUs! The farm was mining several hundred dollars worth of Litecoin per day.

Milos Golubovic - CoFounder of Cryptos R Us Insider

  • Enthusiast and active investor of Bitcoin and altcoins for over 6 years
  • 15 years of Software Development experience
  • Developer of various financial systems applications

Fun Fact: Milos was one of the first to build a 7 GPU mining rig using a modified GPU driver