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Second is insight to the upcoming ICOs being conducted. You will be informed of the ICOs with the most promise based on the team, the technology and our overall assessment of the project.

And lastly is an overall market assessment. You will hear about external factors that are affecting the market in a good or bad way.
We firmly believe that day trading Cryptocurrencies is dangerous due to the volitile and unpredictable nature of coins. Our insider subscription concentrates on buy and holds that extend out days, weeks and months. Overall research has shown that more wealth was generated by people who held on to their cryptocurrency than those who tried to make a quick buck.
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you’ll make money from our program. We will do our best at researching, analyzing, trending and recommending the coins that we feel have the most potential to make you money. Timing and unpredictable factors are always in play. Investing is a risk. Never invest more than you are willing to lose.
We are confident that if you spent 8 hours a day browsing different cryptocurrency sites and forums, you can get most of the information we provide you. But of course, you probably have a job, kids, or other obligations that prohibit you from doing that.
The best part of being an insider is you let us handle the heavy lifting. We take the time to scour the internet and we make recommendations based on our past experience with traditional investing, entrepreneur projects and most importantly, with cryptocurrency.
Our #Slack group is exclusive to members where we share our insights and answers to questions live with our members. Our members can also discuss with eachother if we are not available. All in all, if you have unanswered questions you will more than likely find answers here.

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"Thanks for your ongoing good work in your newsletter." -Anonymous

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